Assassin's Medieval War




    Fight for peace as a real assassin in this medieval war conflict!

    You belong to the assassin's tribe in Europe, one of the largest warrior families known for its commitment for peace. They defend people's freedom and take part in wars when the situation is required: It is part of their creed what make assassins the most successful killers of the world. Every soldier, every killer, no matter their nationality, respect assassins... they are the best in battle!

    This game is set at the time of a medieval war: The war between fearsome orcs and humans. Fight against a monster army with creatures of all kind in the battlefield! Prove yourself as a real assassin and make your tribe be proud of the best assassin killer ever!
    Orcs have already invaded your city, there's no time to hesitate. Play now in the right side of this medieval war and face the monster army attack!

    - Start an endless race fighting for your survival in the middle of this medieval war and block the monster attack!
    - Realistic scene of a medieval town at night with incredible war graphics!
    - The difficulty level will increase as you progress in this fast paced race avoiding every orc attack!
    - Do not let the monster army to defeat you! You need to fight to survive in the ultimate medieval war!
    - Appropriate for kids and adults who love assassins and medieval war games. Avoid orcs to attack the assassin in you!

    Make justice and end up this terrible medieval war as soon as possible! Be brave and fight back!

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