Bike Stunt: Extreme Roof Drive




    Are you ready to show some crazy stunts as a rooftop rider in this new bike game3d? perform perfectly in this wheels game and jump through one building to another. There are big jumps, silly ramps and city highway rides. The rooftop mid-air ramps are dangerous so be patience and climb carefully. This is the real insane motorcycle game in which rider will show some extreme riding skills after accepting the sky-high riding missions challenges. So are you ready to become a full 3d racer showing some shadow stunts in the vast city roads? Jump high superbike through the city buildings and win the breathtaking traffic less show. Use the Nos to complete the tricky race.
    In this bike stunt game jump high in the air without touching the ground and show some daring racer stunts. So put your safety gears and complete the riders challenge. One thing, its really a fast speed tricky game so be careful. Fly off from one point to another just follow the game rules and win the race. Each level is more challenging and thrilling than the previous one. So in this action-packed fun game, you are free to show your 3d motorcycle skills. Follow the city map don’t choose the wrong way to complete the wheel challenge. Follow the game time and avoid any type of bike demolition. Avoid all types of obstacles it’s a freestyle bike game. If you chose the wrong building to jump it's really dangerous for you. So don’t try to be smart otherwise result may be un except able for you. So come and join the happy game and leave all the virtual games.
    The mega 3d graphical environment with best bike physics really insane. Chose the best tricky bike from the racing garage and speed above the skies. This beautiful 3d environment specially designed for all the bike lovers. Rooftop riders are real bike game in which boys will show some racing and driving skills. So be the first to drive the bike and share your experience with your fellows. Give us your valuable feedback in the review section for the further new bikers games. Thanks

    Features To Play :

    - Free to play the bike game
    - Best quality sounds
    - Multiple camera angles
    - A best 3d graphical environment with stunning graphics
    - Each level is more challenging than the previous one.
    - Share with your friends
    - Easy to control the bike

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