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    Dance On Mobile is a Dancing Game that has been played by more than 1 million users all over the World, many interesting features such as marriage, dance festival, 3 Gameplay Modes and Battle Dance, that will keep you engage for hours.

    On top of all that, Dance on Mobile won the KotakGame Awards as Best Indonesia Online Game at the 2017, it also has exquisite graphic quality and dance movements that are very much alike to dancer movements in its original Music Video.
    With so many interesting features and Japanese Anime Inspired Graphics, take you to a whole new level of surreal dancing experience from other similar games.

    Exciting Features on Dance In Mobile:
    In Dance on Mobile you will meet many friends from all over the world, in this Marriage feature you will find a romantic partner who will accompany you to play every day and you can also have the opportunity to be the best partner.
    With this feature, you can have the couple that you’ve been dreaming of, cool right?

    Dance Festival
    This feature is the most exciting in Dance On Mobile, because all the dancers in the world will compete to become Number One at Dance Festival, dare to play and prove you can become a superstar?

    3 Dance Modes
    There are 3 Dance Mode features that you can play including Dance On, Bubble and Rhythm modes.
    Of these three gameplay modes, you will face different challenges unlike any other before so you won't get bored to play them.

    In this feature you will have plants that you have to take care of every day, because this plant will help you to get interesting items that will help in playing. The cool part is that you can get interesting items for free!

    Story Quest
    Dance On Mobile has Fantasy Anime Story Quest. In the beginning of the story a young child meets a beautiful fairy who gives mysterious strength shoes.
    Want to know what the mysterious power is like? Play and create your fantasy storyline, now!

    Form or join guilds who have dance on dancer friends and become famous guilds in dance on mobile universe.

    Lots of interesting Fashion collections like fashion cosplay, fancy, trending and every month, This attractive fashions will continue to grow as we frequently update the collection, don’t miss out, keep playing every day!

    Updated song
    Keep dancing to your favourite new songs, you won’t miss a thing! because in Dance On Mobile, we always give you the Latest and the Most Hit Songs Update for you.

    5 Interesting Challenges in Dance On Mobile for you:
    Battle Dance
    Daily Quest
    Crafting Fragments
    Message in a bottle.
    Wishing Star

    So you think you can dance and be a superstar in Dance On Mobile? Come join universe with millions of Dancers from all around the world.

    Before installing this game, check the following recommended specifications:
    OS: Android Kitkat 4.4 or higher
    CPU (SoC): Snapdragon 425/652/820 or higher
    RAM: 2GB or more
    Minimum Storage: 2.5GB
    Internet Connection: Wi-Fi (ADSL10Mbps or more)

    - support
    If you have problems playing Dance On Mobile, please contact the in-game support centre and submit your concerns.
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