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    Welcome to the X-Polygraph lie detector simulator. The new fingerprint detector for Android phones and tablets.

    The X-Polygraph Lie Detector is a game that simulates the detection of truth and lie by putting your finger on the fingerprint sensor sensor, simulating detection of blood flow, blood pressure, heart rate heart rate, body temperature And the state of nervousness. This is a game to make jokes by making friends and family believe that your phone is capable of detecting a lie or a truth, after asking a compromised question.

    Its use is very simple, you simply have to open the application and press the start button, you will directly enter the screen of the fingerprint scanner. Position your finger on the circle with the fingerprint drawn and the polygraph detector will begin to simulate that you scan your vital signs and after a few seconds when the analysis has finished will show you the result, it will indicate TRUTH or LIE. If you interrupt the scan, it will show you a message saying that the scanner has been interrupted and you have to press again to start the new scan.

    This is a full version of the X-Polygraph, so you have the option to configure the answers given by the detector. You can configure five consecutive options of truth or lie, true or false, for this you must enter the configuration screen and choose the order in which you want the detector to say truth or tell lies in this way will be much more credible that works correctly And it will appear to be a real lie detector. Your friends will think you have a powerful real polygraph.

    The best way to have fun and trick your friends into fun times is to set up the lie detector before you start asking questions. For example, configure your x-polygraph as follows. Truth-Truth-Truth-Lie-Lie and now ask him a series of questions that you are sure will answer true. Ask her "Is your first name Marco?" And he will respond "Yes" and the lie detector will say "True", your friend will begin to believe that the detector works correctly. In the second question say "Are you 23 years old?" Ask your real age and your friend will answer "Yes" and again the polygraph will answer "True". At this moment your friend will start to get nervous. In the next question you can ask if his mother is Maria and he will answer "Yes" and your detector will answer the answer again. At this point it is when you have to think a compromised question to make your friend embarrassed, something that you know about him and know that he is going to lie and the lie detector will say "Lie", "False" and It will turn red, and it will be when the laughs and the funniest moments really come.
    This app has background sound and activates the vibrator of your device while you are performing the test to make the virtual polygraph look more real and authentic.
    Tell your friend to relax so that the fingerprint sensor can accurately achieve body temperature and blood pressure to function properly. The game incorporates a voice message, every time there is a result the system will pronounce the word or phrase after finishing the test with a robotic and futuristic sound to give realism to the moment.

    We hope you enjoy this game and enjoy pleasant moments with your friends and family. If you like our application please feel free to write comments and rate on Google Play and share it with your friends so that everyone can have fun with it.
    Remember that this is not a real polygraph, just a simulation to play jokes and have fun.

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