Fishing Club 3D - Sport Fishing worldwide




    Win gripping multiplayer sport fishing competitions together with your friends. Experience unique Club-versus-Club competitions for great prizes and a lot of fun.

    BEWARE: This fishing game is highly addictive!


    - Catch over 50 different fish species - from the smallest roach to the mighty sharks. New fish species are added on a regular basis.
    - Create your own fishing club and go fishing with friends.
    - Chat with your club mates and other players from all over the world.
    - Take part in Speed Fishing competitions on your own or win weekly competitions with your club.
    - Complete quests and catch legendary fish like the mysterious Tiger Trout and many others.
    - Go on an epic treasure hunt and catch the infamous shark Gorgemaw.
    - Find the best combination of rod, line, bait and hook to catch giant fish.
    - Take part in the very popular King-of-the-Spot competitions in which clubs fight for the highest catch weight at a fishing spot.
    - Chat with fellow anglers in the global chat room or just with your club mates in your club’s private chat.
    - Don’t worry about “energy” or spamming your friends to keep fishing: In The Fishing Club 3D, you can play as long as you want.

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