JurassicCraft: Free Block Build & Survival Craft




    ***** JurassicCraft is a free sandbox game *****
    JurassicCraft - an exciting adventure with prehistoric reptiles in the cubic universe!

    Game Features
    • Craft different items, weapons and armor.
    • Many types of construction blocks.
    • Face many different dinosaurs.
    • Be survival and creative in dangerous conditions.
    • Changing to the "always daytime".
    • Play from first and third person view.

    In JurassicCraft multiplayer beta mode you could play with real people online:
    • get together in one world to show the most amazing buildings to each other!
    • discuss in real chat game features or game quests;
    • give advices to people online how to build their shelters/houses/towns!
    • have fun with friends!
    • get the most amazing experience!

    It is craft world with the daytime and weather changing, many different blocks, tools and weapons.

    Image, you are in the Jurassic Park, swarmed by prehistoric wild animals. There are herbivorous and carnivore dinosaurs like Spinosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Nanuqsaurus, Kentrosaurus , and many others.

    JurassicCraft is Free 2 Play dinosaur game world, consisted into 3D - generated biomes.

    JurassicCraft lets you explore ancient world full of dinosaurs.

    You can find different dinosaurs throughout the Jurassic craft world. Most of the creatures in the world are reptiles, but there are also many other beings, tied to their special area.

    You can be a world visitor looking for giant reptiles, construct beautiful buildings in the
    Creative mode or fight against dinosaurs and other enemies, craft weapons, tools, armor and many other things in the Survival mode .

    If you want to take more advantage of this experience, change the difficulty level and other options in the game Settings!

    Have fun, enjoy the game!

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