3 Mystery Words




    Try this incredibly addicting word game. Go photo hunt!

    The game starts off easy but gets challenging very fast. But don't worry, you will not need a word finder app. This game is made to reveal the detective in you!

    3 pictures are shown and 1 picture doesn’t belong in the group. Can you spot the difference? Can you guess which picture? In order to confirm your suspicions you need to reveal the 3 mystery words that cannot be found in the other pictures. Use your power of deduction and hunt down the words!

    Challenge yourself and train your brain. Look at the puzzle, search the pictures and guess the words. There are only 3 words to find, no need to dig through a word jumble jungle.

    • Hundreds of puzzles.
    • You can tap the picture for a closer look.
    • You don't need a word unscrambler to play.
    • Play in English, French and German.
    • Play with your family and friends.

    3 Mystery Words is the latest top rated word game from the makers of I Love Crosswords, Word Connection: Puzzle Game and Word Market!

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