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    Wordy is a classic word strategy game, where you place letters on a board to form crosswords.

    If you are frustrated by cheating on the online word games, and you do not want to waste your time waiting for your opponent to play, Wordy is your game.

    Wordy lets you choose a level skill opponent and a language to match your skill level. It never abandons a game, never cheats and responses immediately.

    Get wildcards on the board, get new helps or divide by 2 the last opponent score by getting a bomb.

    6 languages with over 2.5 million words: English 180.000, German 450.000, Spanish 560.000, French 315.000, Italian 640.000 and Portuguese 345.000. Therefore it is possible that you do not know some words, and others that you know are not available. Be patient.

    Wildcards, Helps and Bombs are on the board, you can get it.

    5 skill level players.

    Instant score preview.

    'Help' option for when you are stuck.

    Game saved automatically after each round.

    Play a Tournament against 5 skill levels players, from 1 to 5.

    Play a Tournament against 5 Masters. Will you be able to win a 5 Masters Tournament?

    If you want, upload your skill level, your best scores or tournaments won to Google Play Games.

    Optimized for both phones and tablets.

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