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    OKEY is a fast paced variant of Rummy. It uses the same set of boards and tiles but has different rules. It is a level based, progressive game with a very high re-playability value. Each game is independent of the others and winner of a game takes the money on the table. Main contribution of our game is online okey plus high competition.

    The object is, by drawing and discarding tiles, to be the first to form a hand that consists entirely of sets of equal numbered tiles, and runs of consecutive tiles of the same color.

    In order to win a game, all 14 tiles of player must be in a valid run or group. When there is no tile left out of runs and groups, player puts the 15th tile at the center of the table and wins the game.

    This game is totally free to play. However, users who want to play with higher stakes might choose to purchase additional chips from in-game store.

    Rules and game play is explained in detail within the game itself.

    * Online and F2P.
    * Smooth game play.
    * Increased stakes with increased player level.
    * 50 player levels.
    * 12 different rooms.
    * 7 player avatars to choose from.

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