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    Hit master is a fun game of reflexes and skills in which you must show off your Hit Knife skills! During each challenge you must throw all of your knives into a different spinning spinners. Test your skills and patience when you cross one level after other. attempt to hit the knives carefully and try to complete the competitive levels.

    you have only limited number of knifes to complete your level. Do not hit other obstacles and do not waste knives in because it is limited! be careful to choose your target because boards rotation is not fix to rotation every time some rotation, Sometimes this wood piece will rotate quickly and sometimes it will rotate slowly. it is change rotation oh his define time so swiping knife careful.

    The target will be basically fruits, numbers, balls and planets . The game is pretty easy from control point of views; all that you need is to aim and throw the knife at the target.

    Game highlights
    Hit master has 4 different games, ultimate featured games. 4 games have unique look and features that describe in the following descriptions:-
    1. Dart board
    dart board is easy and simple play board. just take shoot the number and complete your target in limited darts. you can use power boosters.

    2. wooden board
    Throw the knife into the logs to break them, slash the fruits and get stars. don't hit the knives and the bomb. shot target carefully and become the take power boosters! complete your target in 10 seconds, shoot the high pointed fruits. you can use power boosters.

    3. Snooker board
    Snooker board is easy but some complicated. shoot only three balls which show on task board. if you shoot other balls, so you Lose 1 ball of your 5 balls. don't shoot the blank space, though you shoot ball in blank space so your game is over. You can use power boosters.

    4. Space board
    space board is game is like snooker board, only one change in space board. throw the rocket to high pointed planet. you have 10 rockets for complete your target. play be carefully not shoot black hole If you shoot on black hole so your game is over. You can use power boosters.

    Game Features
    - Interactive & eye catching graphic
    - Sounds control (ON/OFF)
    - Easy to play & suitable for players of all ages
    - Cool sound effects
    - Free game play without internet
    - 4 different spinners
    1. Darts board
    2. wooden board
    3. snooker board
    4. space board
    - Power boosters
    1. X2 Booster :- get Double score
    2. Turtle booster :- dartboard and spinner spin slowly.
    3. +1 Booster:- get more darts ans knifes
    - 70+ levels
    - Upgrade and purchase power boosters with combo packs in cheap cost.

    best way to spend your free time challenge Your friends and family, Install the free entertainment game hit Master you will love this!

    If you face any problems while installation or while playing, please report to us. We will try to fix it at the earliest.

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