Bamboo Ninja




    Bamboo Ninja the new game designed and built by “Phoenix Studios”, brings you into a virtual Dojo where you can try and improve your concentration and precision’s skill

    The interesting proposal has been made by the “Phoenix Studios” team, a group made by young creatives and developers, that are active in the Italian videogames scene since 2012 and always in love with technology and videogames

    The new videogame was inspired by ancient martial arts and in particular by the japanese experience of Tameshigiri (cutting test).

    You will be Kenjuro, a young orphan adopted by the Master Ryuji Asakawa after the murder of his parents and the devastation of his native village. The story takes place in Japan, in 1517, at the height of Sengoku period - also known as the period of country at war, an age marked by the wars between the local domains in which Japan was divided.

    Kenjuro will learn the art of Kenjutsu only after long and painful trainings with the Sensei Asakawa - samurai, head of the royal guards

    Infact Kenjuro was doomed to be blind since he was born for a congenital disease, so he will need to improve more and more his Katana gesture, using mental discipline and focus

    In the tameshigiri as in gameplay, a correct cut needs a small strength, but a wrong hasuji (blade inclination) will produce a failed cut

    In Bamboo Ninja the more you will be precised, the more scores you will get to access new features (ex. powerful swords, murderous fury) and new scenery (ex. light off, bandaged)

    At every level, the cut’s angle will be suggested by direction vectors: every bamboo cane will have a precise sequency of arrows that will show the cut and its angle

    As the levels go on, the number of bamboo cane for bundle will increase and then the arrows will be less visible

    But you don’t have to be afraid, you’ll always have your Sensei’s voice to show you the right path for self-improvement and inner consciousness.

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