Solitaire : Cooking Tower




    The Windows solitaire game has returned to mobile!
    Now, let's enjoy a very fun card game on the Android platform for free!

    Win a card pack and climb the Cooking Tower to finish your own restaurant!
    Download and enjoy the Solitaire Cooking Tower!

    Card game for memories of Windows
    - Very easy and simple card games!

    Build Restaurants!
    Collect Hot Dog, Taco, Chinese Restaurant and a variety of international restaurants!

    Start Collecting Cards Decks!
    - Create your own Card Decks while playing solitaire!
    Puppy Decks, Kitty Decks, Blossom Decks and much more!

    The best game when in the bathroom
    - For those of you who have constipation, this is a good thing.

    Games that are easy for beginners to enjoy
    - My grandmother is over too.

    Load combo mode that does not stop tension
    - Let's get a star with a combo!

    A game where you can see the cuisine of the world at a glance
    - After a week of playing games, I became a gourmet.

    Games that are too addictive to stop
    - Be careful.

    Delicious restaurants and unique card decks from around the world are constantly being updated at the Solar Cooking Tower!

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