ChaosMasters is a turn-based RPG version of Chaos Online, a PC MOBA.
    Join over 100 attractive Heroes from Chaos Online in this unique spinoff!

    Welcome to ChaosMasters!
    A welcoming event for new players is in progress.
    Defeat your enemies with ease by using powerful Rare Heroes and essential combat equipment.

    The Heroes of Chaos in an All-New RPG
    All Heroes in ChaosMasters have unique abilities and skills. You can strengthen them by using equipment, accessories, and runes. Develop them however you'd like!
    Collect and develop your Heroes and plan unique strategies.

    The Art of War: PvP
    Pit everything you have—Heroes, skills, and your ability to strategize—against other players in PvP modes.
    Experience real-time battles in the Arena and Coliseum. In Castle Siege, match up your best 15 Heroes against others.

    Endless Engaging Content
    Adventure. Jungle. Magic Tower, Defense, Guilds. Arena and Coliseum (Real-time PvP). Raid (Real-time Co-op). There's always a new mode to play.
    Join us now and enjoy new features and content updates every month!

    Up to 10 Heroes for Raid Mode
    Use up to 10 Heroes for powerful strategies against the Raid Boss monsters, Slurp and Cerberus. Go on Raids alone or with friends.

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    [Configuring Permissions]
    ChaosMasters requires some permissions on your device for seamless gameplay.

    - [Storage Space] permission for storing game data in external storage such as an SD memory card
    * Phrases used in [ ] may differ based on the device and OS version

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