Supercat - Jungle Adventure Game




    Challenge your friends NOW with Supercat - Jungle Adventure Game, and become a hero!!!

    Run around this amazing world and get as many coins as you can.
    Improve your gaming experience by getting some potions too!
    No enemy is impossible to beat, especially if you wear your moustache.
    Have fun throughout lots of challenging levels in this classic platform game.
    Run and Jump in different environments with this exciting running game of physical adventure!

    Supercat - Jungle Adventure Game is an adventure game that runs and jumps or can shoot bullets after eating to destroy the enemy.


    - Lots of enemies to defeat.
    - Intuitive controls.
    - Smooth graphics and sounds.
    - Awesome gameplay
    - Familiar sound and graphics.
    - Unlocked world maps for free through all levels.
    - Pay for unlocking the new world, though not through the lower levels.
    - Global rankings: score, amount, level.
    - Engaging missions: unlock levels, make money.
    - Rich items: mushroom, flower, money, shield.

    - Eat coins to become powerful and defeat all the monsters.
    - Use the left and right buttons to jump and dodge and shoot to destroy monsters
    - Collect all coins and rewards to earn more points and buy additional items in the shop.

    Download Supercat - Jungle Adventure game, and enjoy run and jump with the Supercat - Jungle Adventure Game is for a game free, and help the hedgehog to save his friend tails from the evil monsters.

    What are you waiting for? Visit the Supercat - Jungle Adventure Game now!

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