Banana Racing : Kids Fun Games




    Banana Racing : Kids Fun Games
    Start your Banana Racing along with your superheroes.
    Monkey games and the banana games are very favorite games for children and all girls and boys. This game will provide you a different concept of gaming the new concept game is here for boys and girls choose the color banana and the favorite superhero to perform extreme stunts with the superheroes. Bananas are the vehicles in this game with the four to five seats where the superheroes are sitting and going for the fun adventure. Spider monkey performs the swing shot and kong dash you will see.

    Super Heroes on Speed banana - Spider wala man, Wolver ine, Hulku, Supermania, Batmano, and Bigfooter! Banana Racing from the mountain and long water Jump with the parachute on Big Boat! this game you can say is the best game in all driving games. Grage is full of adventure where all the superhuman is dancing and showing their amazing moves use the special powers and complete the stunts using the color bananas. Enjoy the game and this game is best for your kids as learning purpose learn colors and enjoy the nursery rhymes music.

    Banana Racing : Kids Fun Games Features:

    - Choose the color banana and hero
    - All heroes are dancing
    - Choose the level and get ready for the stunt
    - Control your banana and balance on the tracks
    - Control speed and perform stunts

    It's totally free to play, so quickly download this dazzling game of banana racing.

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