Ball Brick Breaker




    Aim, shoot and start the ball brick breaker games. This is the ball number games with simple gameplay but can be addictive right from the first time for all players.

    This ball bounce games help you relax your mind, practice reflexes and kill free time. Once you have started the game ball number, you will not be able to stop.

    We offer 3 modes in the number brick breaker game to suit everyone:

    Level mode:
    Levels will be pre-set, players should shoot brick or break bricks on the screen will pass level in the break bricks games free. This mode is suitable for beginners.

    100 balls mode:
    If you like the challenge then get into the 100 balls mode in the game block brick breaker. The player will have 100 number bricks to shoot and only one shot. The task of the player is to gain as many points as possible.

    Survival mode:
    This is the most difficult mode of the block brick game. The difficulty of the ball bounce puzzle will increase as more bricks come in the same time.

    How to play the break brick games? To start the brick block puzzle, here are some tips for newbies:

    [1] Hold the screen to target
    [2] Break brick ball and watch the ball strikes back
    [3] Think carefully and use all your strategy
    [4] Create new records and share achievements with friends
    [5] Buy new ball for new power in the brick block breaker.

    Highlights of brick breaker puzzle:
    * Many balls with different speed and destructibility.
    * More than 100 levels in the ball bounce free
    * No time limit for block brick puzzle and ball brick break
    * Exquisite graphics for a smoother experience
    * Brick breaker ball shooter vs smash blocks
    * Simple gameplay, suitable for all ages
    * Free ball bricks breaker quest puzzle bounce 2018

    Download the brick breaker ball shooter to have more fun moments on the phone.
    Do not forget to rate 5* to support developers of the block brick breaker classic!

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