Football Car Game 2019: Soccer Cars Fight




    Are you ready to play football car games where floating cars are racing to demolish each other to score soccer goal? If yes then Football Car Game 2019 game is for you where you drive rocket cars to shoot football and destroy fighting cars. The soccer car league championship is going on over the water surface inside the football stadium. The sports cars can float on the water surface to make the smashing hits and fire missiles to demolish soccer cars.

    So take control of the football cars and hit the ball to score a goal by dodging the goalkeeper. To become best football car player score goals on penalty kicks with a powerful strike. Fire up the reckless racing cars to crash the battle cars by firing missiles and smashing hits. This car battle simulator game is made to play soccer with dodging sports cars that can jump and hit soccer ball into the opponent's goal.

    Drive your Football car team to the victory with free kicks and win a battle against off-road monster Vehicles. Use your racing car boosters to speed up the fighting cars and pass the ball to your soccer team.

    Game Play:
    In each level, drive recklessly to score football goals and demolish the rival cars by hitting them with missiles.

    - New Soccer car Game of 2019
    - Amazing Russia stadiums
    - New Car Crash whirlpool arena
    - Challenging Football Championship
    - Floating cars with amazing racing skills
    - Realistic car fights
    - Multiple Driving controls
    - Huge Football stadium

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