City Cop Zombie Survival War 3D




    Survive zombie waves play this thrilling fps zombie survival shooter game. Hunt for zombies in this post apocalypse zombie survival game. Play newest survival shooter zombie game-play with City Cop Zombie Survival War 3D.

    Focus and target the dead walker zombie in city streets and pull the trigger. Play role of lone survival in the post apocalypse zombie city. Play role of city police officer trained to catch bad guys and prisoners, but never was trained to fight fps zombie battle. Enjoy playing this newest apocalypse city survival game. Kill the dead zombie walking towards you, use shotgun, assault gun and more. Keep your defenses up and shoot zombie horde in the newest and best fps zombie shooting game.

    Year 2040 world war III struck the like a storm, but it was not the war between nations. It’s the zombie plague that hit all continent across world. Zombie outbreak and human race got extinct within months and very few survives the zombie wave of dead. City policeman will counter the attack of zombie horde and strike with modern firearms. Pull trigger smash hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, protect the safe haven. Kill zombie horde with countless creative ways and strike the zombie apocalypse. Unlock an arsenal of powerful weapons, kill zombie wave and survive the street fight against zombie army. Fight as NY city police hero get way through by killing zombie army of dead zombies with different weapons. Run across the road to make the cars hunt the zombies chasing you and cause massive car crashes. Various kinds of weapons pistols, rifles, shotguns ,grenade and more. Get ready as New York city cop to hunt, survive, defend, chase in the world of zombies. Police hero get trained to use gun for dead zombies walking in streets and escape the NY city. Play most challenging zombie shooting game in your smart phone and tablets.

    Play role of real city police in year 2040 fight zombie plague and look for safe heaven. Protect yourself from getting infected by zombie virus, don't let them bite or scratch you. Play the best zombie shooting game in your smart phone. Kill zombie wave use firearms, machine gun, shotgun and more. Reach to the safe haven the last hope of human race.

    Best zombie shooting game
    Hunt, survive, defend, chase zombies
    Use pistols, rifles, shotguns ,grenade and more.
    Zombie shooting game in platform style
    Amazing NY city environment shoot zombie wave
    Complete off-line gameplay no need for WiFi

    Fight modern world war in this newest zombie survival shooter game to save mankind. As sniper hero play many levels that are guaranteed to keep you addicted for several hours with the hunter snipers game play. Use automatic weapons for modern world war game.

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