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    Test your brain and try to figure out the "Only for geniuses" logic riddles. Dozens of challenges and mathematical problems that you will have to solve to demonstrate that you have a brilliant mind for logic and maths.

    If your friends know you as the Einstein of the group, download "Only for geniuses" and show that your IQ is the highest and you are able to find the solution to any logical game or brain teaser.

    Were you a brainiac at school? If so, you will love this game! Play all the mathematical puzzles for free and train your brain while having fun.


    "Only for geniuses" has different types of tests:

    - Mathematical operations
    - Discover the value of elements
    - Visual agility
    - Guess the number
    - Continue logical reasoning number series
    - Find the intruder number
    - Creative thinking games

    Before giving the answer, look carefully at the riddles because, in some cases, you have to have a good eye to realize that there are tricks that are hard to see at first sight. Sharpen your wit and think differently!

    If you feel blocked in a screen, do not worry, you can share the puzzle and ask your friends for help. Test each level as many times as you want, but you will only know the correct solution when you guess it.

    This puzzle and puzzles game is aimed at people of all ages, especially at those who want to develop their intelligence or check their mental agility. Ideal for cognitive stimulation of older people.


    Tellmewow is a mobile game development company specialized in easy adaptation and basic usability, which makes them ideal for the elderly or young people who simply want to play an occasional game without major complications.


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