Rage Fighters




     100% Comic Drama Plot
    Players will follow the Main Character as a detective, and chase the thief at all costs; players can choose their favorite camp, rewrite the character's destiny, and launch a super adventure of courage and dreams.。

     Strongest team gather together
    Rich plot Stages, a variety of special gameplay, including multi-player PVP, Stage Boss, guild wars, etc. Players can combine rich combos with simple and fast operations, coupled with brilliant skills, and original combat sound effects. Experience a fun and exciting battle。

     Power Awaken! Feel free to launch super powers
    The game uses a high degree of freedom to operate and Impactful! Base on comic-style story, can be assigned to their own skill points based on the role demands, innovative skills core system, subvert the traditional skills static play, create the most powerful fighting moves。

     Hero Buddy Develop!Strongest Hero awaits you
    The classic partner system reappears, and the character develops to provide a variety of distinctive shapes, fashion, wings, mounts, and create a unique and beautiful appearance!

     All-star CV line-up
    Many well-known CV voices,Lead you to experience the world of violent magic, find your initial touch through the game, fit the lines of the story, match the right music and sound lines, and bring you a unique auditory feast.。

    ==Official Info==
    「Rage Fighters」Fanpage:

    == Model Type ==
    Model:Samsung、HTC、Sony, Most of the brands and models
    Operating System:Version 4.0 and above, with separate GPU processors
    Storage Space:600M or above

    According to the game software hierarchical management method, the software is: counseling 15 years old (R15)
    This game involves the role of wearing a prominent feature of the costumes; there are fighting, attacks and other bloody images
    This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.

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