The Killer with The Instinct




    A fighting game featuring one-on-one combat. The game borrows the attack set of Street Fight and is also inspired by the finishing moves from MK

    There are also several features that distinguish it from other franchises:

    A double energy bar KOF : instead of winning two rounds, each player has two bars of energy. If a character finishes with his or her opponent's first life bar, the fight stops and resumes like a round, but the winning character still keeps whatever amount of energy he or she had at that moment. The player who depletes his or her opponent's second life bar wins the bout.
    Automatic combos: rather than press the necessary buttons in order to deliver the individual attacks that form a combo, in the Killer with his Instinct the combos are automated and can be enabled by inputting a determined button or special move (which causes the character to deliver a string of hits).

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