Eye Must Run




    Game description

    Eye Must Run is a fun platform game where you have to overcome all obstacles.
    Play this addictive game over and over again.
    You have lots of levels ready to put yourself to the test.
    A dizzying challenge where the action never ends.

    Run at full speed avoid the spikes until you pass them!

    Why would you like it?

    - You'll like the game because it's fun and exciting.
    - A constant challenge as you try to pass all the levels
    - Is the most addictive action game ever
    - Challenge your friends, will they be able to reach your level?

    If you like runners you have to try it!

    How to play

    Advance non-stop in the level, touch the screen to jump or let yourself fall to overcome all the traps, use all your reflexes to overcome it.

    Difficulty levels

    Advance level, the difficulty will be greater and greater!

    Difficult level: jump from platform to platform at full speed, avoiding falling into the void and dodging spikes.

    Very difficult level: Increases difficulty by reversing gravity, double jumps, huge spikes and many more traps!

    Extreme level: Only the bravest will be able to face this level. Are you able to overcome it?


    - The difficulty increases with the levels and it will cost you more to move to the next level.
    - We have implemented a check point system, so you can pass better levels.
    - Futuristic sounds and the best electronic music for a more dynamic experience.
    - You can play without an internet connection.
    - You don't have to register!
    - You will never lose your current game, the game will automatically save the level so you can continue where you left off.
    - Available for your mobile phone, 7-inch tablet or 10-inch HD devices.

    Eye Must Run, Game created by The Angry Kraken

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