Horror Craft Scary Exploration Five Nights of Game




    Feel the thrill and become a square head ghost buster! Dont’t leave your friends alone too long otherwise it could be last time you see them! But don’t be scared tooOOoooO early! Firstly play the most enjoying free survival crafting game based in cube world with scary monsters & ghosts! Play one of the best scary craft games for girls and boys – play HORROR CRAFT for free!

    Spooky Horror House Exploration!
    No dungeons and dragons ! Just you, the haunted mansion & halloween exploration. This lite pocket mine block game for boys and girls, inspired by the popular cube & voxel based pocket edition creative games, lets you craft & build spooky world!

    Experience fear and deep horrifying atmosphere.
    Survive in a world of monsters, skeletons, ghouls, vampires and other creepy creatures! Craft & build a perfect cube horror haunt story! Search an old, abandoned house and collect any valuables but be careful - there are rumors of a ghost haunting the buildings!

    Exploration world craft is here!
    Construct haunted mansion, halloween decorations or haunted abandoned cemetery full of skeletons! Play in a creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the cube scary haunted world. Craft and explore!

    Become a ghostbuster!
    Exploration of randomly generated cube abandoned, terrifying robots terrains, build and create amazing & perfect things from the simplest of creepy homes to the grandest of cube fortresses, haunted castles and mine to the earth core finding the hell!

    Become an adventurer!
    This game will not bring you only joy and relax of halloween time! This game for boys and girls scare the heck out of you! Adults are welcome to! Dragons, monsters and survival world craft mode. Cube robots world and your infinite creativity! This lite game for boys and girls contains: block placing, cube world, real time world craft generation. Build a cube horror story world!

    Craft & Explore the cube world - build a horror maze!
    In this incredible and totally free game you can destroy all the blocks, collect resources, survive and build terrifying & scary Buildings. This pocket edition game (PE) contains a large number of different blocks with which you can craft your own cube horror world!

    Craft & explore!
    High resolution textures, very convenient and thoughtful game control, High FPS, without compromise! So plunge into the fantastic world of halloween Horror Craft: Scary Building Exploration’ - with new cube spooky worlds and adventures! Place blocks / cubes move voxels, dig and mine! Go beyond your wildest dreams, make your own cube scary robots world, castle or city! Transform the surface in a 3D environment! Build shelter, fight, grow and use block craft. The only limit is your imagination! Start a cube world craft!

    Horror Craft features:
    Crafting & building fun in horror!
    One of the scariest horror games!
    Halloween sweets!
    Ghosts and monsters!

    Play the best halloween scary game – Horror Craft – and feel the thrill!

    Coming soon:
    Crafting items
    Building craft mode
    Survival exploration mode
    Cube Block Craft
    World Craft Story
    Skyblock free mode
    Story mode
    Weather (rain, snow)
    Moving cars
    Stats and inventory
    Different worlds (hell, heaven, lair)

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    1. Explore the haunted house!
    2. Build & craft during the day
    3. Survive the night!

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