crazybomb:King of fighters




    【Game Description】
    "crazybomb:King of fighters" is a lovely leisure shooting game! It has a variety of modes, such as 3v3, 2v2, 1v1, etc . .Intense competition and various PK forms, giving you a super cool feeling! Many of powerful weapons free to choose, careful angle calculation, ultra-accurate shooting and a hundred shots!
    Real-time and cross-server matching, you can team up with your friends to form a most powerful combination! Easy to play and 100% real experience! Realistic visual effects, personalized killings animations, and cool battle scenes!

    【Game Features】
    1.Ladder Battle, compete in excellent skill, tricky angle, high-throw shot and accurately shot!
    2.Exciting competition, 3V3, 2V2, 1V1 real-time and cross-server matching, diverse maps and a lot of obstacles, pay attention to teamwork!
    3.S level weapons, each of the most powerful bombers have their own weapons!
    4.Lively guilds and romantic lovers, accompanying your entire competitive road from now on you will not be alone!
    5.Cool fashion, beautiful wedding dress, valiant navy clothes, leading your trend!
    6.Lovely pet developing, it will become your helpful adventure partner in your road to success!
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