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    The most popular poker game in the Chinese circle, everyone will play!
    --- Game play ---
    After the end of the game, Fang Zhisheng finished the game. In the game, the two farmers jointly cooperated and defeated the landlord. Playing cards 54 cards, 4 kinds of suits, if you can play landlords, quail eggs, upgrades and other poker games can easily get started.
    The God of Wealth and Landlord has assembled a variety of classic games, such as the classic three-place landlords, gold breed cattle, hundred cows and more! Novice field - junior field - advanced field - top field, multiple stages to distinguish different player levels. Simple operation makes you happy landlords! If too many people are too few to play? One hundred cows let us pick up a hundred wars!
    ---game rules---
    Three-player game licensing rules: Each player starts with 17 cards, leaving three cards as his cards and placing cards face down on the table. The three cards were revealed after the landlord was determined and then returned to the landlord. In other words, the landlord owns 20 cards and the two farmers have 17 cards.

    Determine the landlord
    Method is called landlord
    First, after shuffling by the landlord on the wall, the board is randomly flipped to turn into a clear card, which is folded back into the stack and distributed. Touching this card that has been pulled out will give preference to the local host. After each player gets 17 cards, players who touch the cards can choose between 0 and 3 points. If you select 3 points, you immediately become the landlord. If you select other points, the remaining players are selected in the counterclockwise order to be greater than the previous score or 0 points. 0 points equal to give up. The player who finally called the larger score becomes the landlord. If all players give up, the round ends and the shuffle is started again. The score represents the multiple to which the ante should be multiplied. If 3 is selected, the ante will be multiplied by 3 times.

    Method two, grab the landlord
    With the ocean, the good party that can get good cards can give priority to the local owner. When the player chooses the local host, the bet is 3 times the ante (equivalent to 3 points). The next family can now choose to grab the landlord or not to grab, such as grab the landlord, then he becomes the landlord, and the bet is multiplied by 2; if not grab the landlord to give up. Then choose whether or not the local owner is the next player. When a player grabs a landlord for the second time, or when other players abandon the landlord, he becomes the final landlord.

    The landlord first served as a card type card, and then it was the turn of the counterclockwise player. The next family needs a bigger card than the previous one, and besides rockets and bombs, the type of card must be the same as the family. If you don't play, choose "over" (equivalent to the big D pass). If no player plays a larger card after the player has played, the player is given the opportunity to play any chance. The player wins when the player's hand is zero and the game ends.

    Card type and size
    There are single cards, two pairs of cards, five or more consecutive cards (shun), three consecutive pairs, three cards with the same card or two cards (aircraft), four cards with two cards One or two pairs, four cards (bombs) with the same number of points.

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