Kitty Journey




    The cutest little ball of fur is keen to start its big journey around the world! Daring little cutie uh? Easily distracted, it will surely find itself in scawery situations. This young kitten shouldn't be traveling all alone, right? Join Kitty through its pawsome adventure and explore the world around you! With its help and your clever moves, match colorful yarn blocks and solve tricky puzzles to unlock new destinations on your journey.

    Along the way, you’ll have a lot of fun discovering the world as you’ve never seen before. Crunching cookies, crushing candy or destroying diamonds? Nah. Instead of that well-worn stuff, you'll spend purrcious meowments with your Kitty and play with powerful boosters. You'll even get to meet Kitty's furry friends who can’t wait to travel the world with both of you! The more friends you bring on this journey, the more fun it becomes! Why not invite yours to come too? With Facebook Connect, all your favorite people can puzzle out meowntains of challenging levels with their kitties while easily saving their purrgress.

    Are you ready to set off on a journey of discovery? It's easy! Just Download the game for free!

    You’ll love the impressive features
    As a devoted cat lover, you'll fall for Kitty Journey’s fluffy cats
    The many levels to conquer will satisfy your passion for brain games
    You’ll overcome engaging puzzles by matching two or more adjacent yarn blocks
    Boosters and Power-ups are waiting for you to unlock them and help you succeed
    Exploring stunning spots will amaze you
    A collection of lovely souvenir postcards, the purrfect way to capture meowments from your game journey

    Take your experience to a higher level
    Play with your friends and compete with them to earn the title of world’s best cat lover!
    Watch for exclusive events in the game and more exciting features to come soon!
    Last but not least: Kitty Journey is FREE TO PLAY!

    There are many meowvellous happenings on the horizon! We’re not kitten you!

    Play Kitty Journey right meow!

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    Have fun!

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