Life of Sabertooth Tiger 3D




    Live the life of long-extinct predator – smilodon, sabertooth tiger! Survive in a prehistoric environment filled with massive carnivores and dangerous barbarians and Neanderthals, raise your kittens, stalk your prey, and battle for your life against other monsters of the prehistoric era with Life of Sabertooth Tiger 3D!

    Do you love animal simulators? This ultimate sabertooth tiger simulator would give you an opportunity to live the whole life of single beast – from the small weak and helpless cub through mature stallion to the ghost of the old tiger!

    Run through the plains and forests of stone age hunting Irish giant deer (Megaloceros), wooly rhinoceros or giant wild hogs! Deliver the killing blow by leaping through the air and pouncing on your enemy impaling it with your giant fangs!

    Use your razor sharp claws and massive teeth to hunt down and fight deadly prehistoric creatures – not dinosaurs, but mammoths, cave bears, dire wolves and even dire rats! Beware of human hunters – weapons of these barbarians could be primitive, but they are still effective against your skin! Keep in mind your health, energy, water and food indicators - if one of it drops – there is no chance to stay alive!

    Upgrade your tiger’s skills to protect your pack! It’s your chance to give birth to a little cub and start your own sabertooth family or pack to prevent the extinction of your species! Choose gender, name, and color and have fun to play Life of Sabertooth Tiger 3D – great game for those who loves animal simulators! Meet with other animals – herbivores like deer, mammoths and rats gonna be your food, and carnivores like bears, foxes or pumas are your direct rivals!

    Wear the skin of the extinct big cat – Smilodon Fatalis - eat, drink, run to find another tiger to make a pack, and to journey together! Life of Sabertooth Tiger 3D is your chance to raise up from a little cub to the adult wolf, meet and mate with other sabertooth, fight against predators and just have fun!

    Life of Sabertooth Tiger 3D features:
    Ultimate sabertooth simulator full of entertaining missions
    Great chance to start your own pack
    Beautiful and realistic prehistoric 3D world to explore
    Opportunity to communicate with or struggle against other wild animals
    Various upgrades for your smilodon – level up it every time you get points

    Play Life of Sabertooth Tiger 3D and be an amazing smilodon living at wilderness and trying to create its own family! Meet and mate with other tigers, find food for them and fight against other wild predators walking around!

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