Medieval Wars: Hundred Years War 3D

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    Medieval Wars: Hundred Years War 3D

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    Medieval Wars: Hundred Years War 3D

    Hundred years of war: The 20th century wars were a series of linked conflicts against the British, French valois kings, French nobility and other allies ' claims of control of French territory. In fact, the war lasted more than a hundred years.

    This game has been inspired by events that have been the scene of bloody conflicts and hundreds of years of war in history.
    The game consists of different levels. It gives you the opportunity to experiment with conflicts at different levels.

    This game is a level-based strategy game. The game was created based on 3D reality. The game features natural surroundings, trees, hills, lush forests and historic houses.

    This medieval war game is provide opportunities to play and have to for you! There are two armies in this game.
    Be careful! The army with its good strategy will win.

    There are 3-D soldiers and weapons.

    * Light armed infantry
    * Heavy infantry
    * Light Armed Archer
    * Knights
    * Catapults
    * Bombs

    How to Play

    * User-friendly touch and drag to rotate the axis of the game
    * By clicking on the soldier icon you can place a soldier in the land where the beacon is located.
    * With Joystick you can move right, left, forward and backward. Your aim is to conquer the enemy's castle, capture the castle.

    You can communicate via e-mail for your requests and complaints.

    Have fun
    zaka creative team.

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