Compound 32




    What a terrible day. First you got sent down to the basement to put together some server racks while everyone else went to a corporate sponsored lunch. Now alarms are going off everywhere and you hear strange sounds coming from the hall outside. Its clear you need to get out of here! NOW! LIKE YESTERDAY!! You grip your pneumatic screwdriver and head out into the hallway. You better get paid overtime for this!

    Compound 32 is an action rouge-like with randomly generated levels that keep things fresh every time you play. Kill a compound's full of genetically engineered experiments gone wrong with multiple weapons at your disposal - like the F.U.S.E. gun, which shoots explosives that stick to walls and enemies for ultimate boom-ification!

    Mutators are now included for free! Mutators change the gameplay in some way - like having your health deteriorate constantly, but allowing you to get health back for every enemy you kill. Stuff like that! It's a way of saying "Thanks for supporting the game! Now go play more!"

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