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    Published: 2017-12-20, by .

    Become the best player among your friends and learn how to be a true math ninja

    • Great graphics
    • Combines two different kind of games
    • Works smoothly
    • Educational

    "Are You A Math Ninja?"


    Are you a fan of maths? Or do you simply want to practise your skills? Cool Math Endless Runner combines, as its title suggest, our favorite genre: endless runners with math exercises that will make you the smartest player in the house. What's the objective? Rescue your friends before midnight and avoid all obstacles while solving math problems, otherwise the game will soon be over. Of course, the only way to do that is to count, subtract, add or divide numbers. Think fast and answer quickly!

    This is the perfect game for children, although adults can also play it in order to train their math abilities and reflexes skills. Be honest... is you kid better than you? It wouldn't be that embarrassing...


    This is well-designed game, a perfect educational adventure for children of all ages, and, most importantly, it's lots of fun. Upgrade your spells, unlock new characters and become the math hero you always wanted to be.


    There are various similar games out there that can help kids improve their math skills while having fun at the same time. Despite that, this game manages to combine two of our favorite aspects and it's undoubtedly one of the best games we've come across lately.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Dec 20, 2017


    Cool Math Endless Run is a monster math game and an endless run adventure where you practice math while playing! Prove that you are a math ninja and score higher than you friends!

    Do you want to play a fun game full of unique mechanics and which will help your child boost his math learning fast and easy? Cool Math Endless Run is here to help your child enjoy a cool math experience that will complement the lessons he learns at school.

    In this monster math game, all your friends are kidnapped and they are taken to the Halloween Town. What you have to do now is to make sure that you save them before midnight. Otherwise, they will turn to scarecrows! Become the ultimate math ninja, try to eliminate all the enemies in front of you and take your gameplay experience to the next level, only with Cool Math Endless Run!

    This cool math game is about testing your child’s skills and improving them. The player gets to become the ultimate math ninja and he will continually run and solve various math challenges. This monster math game is suitable for any grade, and it’s a wonderful educational game that you do not want to miss.

    The gameplay of this cool math game is very immersive and it provides you with an extraordinary set of challenges. Moreover, the game tests you how fast you are, since everything will end up before midnight and you have to avoid all of that. Thankfully, since this is a game for almost each grade, each player can play at his own pace.

    As you play this monster math game, you will be able to unlock new characters and each one of the characters and enemies are very cute. This is an educational, kids friendly experience and one that’s very enjoyable all the time.

    Your team can level up its spells and take things to the next level in no time. This makes the gameplay a lot more impressive and everyone can feel like a math ninja as he/she kills the monster in front of them. Since you have to run all the time, the gameplay is very easy to get into and it’s just a whole lot of fun to explore everything in here. It’s just an incredible opportunity and a very enticing experience that becomes better and more educational as you play to become a math ninja.

    This is a monster math game that’s great for parents and teachers which want to teach children how to count, divide, subtract or add numbers. The entire game is very educational and you will be very impressed with the quality and value delivered here. Just give this cool math app a shot right now, download Cool Math Endless Run and help your child learn the right way!


    • Endless run game with an educational component

    • Compare scores on Google Play and Facebook

    • Suitable for all ages

    • Unlock new characters

    • Outstanding graphics

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