Count Cubes 3D. makes brain up




    Please count the number of cubes in 15 seconds!
    It is a problem of the type in question, such as intelligence test of elementary and junior high school students.

    - Stereoscopic
    - Arithmetic
    - Mental arithmetic
    - Reflexes

    It becomes the practice to train the ability of such.

    Clear each level the percentage of correct answers
    Level 1 80%
    Level 2 80%
    Level 3 80%
    Level 4 80%
    Level 5 90%
    Level 6 90%

    It is great if you clear the level 6! It might be cleared by training little by little every day?
    I think that it or have set quite tight in the adult brain training is basic, but it will be game requires judgment and capacity computing power basic, but please try.

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