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    Hello and welcome to cowboy simulator .

    You can grow your own flock squire no longer is the most beautiful girl of the village can interfere with the married and the kid .Whether your farm.


    - We have a dog and a wolf to keep away from the herd works.
    In the game we can play when we want - shin , and this feature helps to increase the herd .
    - Game can play in specific sections accompanied by drums and flutes .
    In-game cycle of night and day there , the night when the wolves come down to the village .
    -Pets can die from starvation .
    - People in the village is talking to us , and sometimes they can give advice .
    Able to get married in - game , you can marry your mistress is going to help in your business .
    - Yetişril animals sold level rise is provided.
    - Minigun and are able to use the gun .
    - Kurt and can hunt crows .
    In - Game cows, lambs, sheep, calf , rooster, chicken, crow, dog, wolf , animals like butterflies available .

    ARCADE MODE ( MODE minigun ) :

    When you finish the game with this mod minigun opens and destroying surrounding objects within a period of kazanırsını score the highest score by destroying should gather around .

    English name Cowboy simulator . Other practices : R- electro baglama, r- org , r- reed, r- horn .

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