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    Published: 2016-06-15, by .

    A war between crabs and reptiles

    • Beautiful design
    • Excellent interface
    • Great OST
    • Too easy, no challenge

    "The Radioactive Crabs"


    Can you imagine a war between crabs and reptiles? When reptiles defeated crabs, they went underground and suffered from radiation. Now they're armed with crystal and diamonds and are ready to fight back. Can you help them? Your job as the crab's deity is to lead the swarm against the enemy reptiles and make sure the crabs can live on the surface again.

    How the game works: tap the screen to summon the crabs so they can attack the giant reptile. Collect gold in order to upgrade your crab's abilities and power in order to beat the bosses and more dangerous reptiles. In addition, with every tap you'll create new creatures that'll continuously evolve thanks to the gold collected: keep in mind each one of them has a different ability.

    Crab War is a beautifully designed game that technically does nothing wrong, but is too easy and doesn't really present any difficulty whatsoever.


    Crab Wars is beautiful to look at. The graphics, the design of the interface: everything just clicks. And the soundtrack is also magical and immersive, so we don't have any complaints.

    You can easily earn gold and upgrade your crabs, so you should end up with a great variety of crabs.


    We felt like the game was way too easy and never really presented any difficulties. We were able to defeat all the reptiles in no time and even as we advanced through the levels, we even got better and better.

    This is a game with flawless visuals that is enjoyable and addictive (we couldn't stop playing), but we'd appreciate a bit more of a challenge.

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    Ana Appszoom logo

    by Ana , Appszoom

    Jun 15, 2016


    Behold the Land of Reptiles, home of the queen and king reptiles. Team up with the world and challenge these fearsome reptiles with the legendary king crabs. Earn honor and collect king crab parts to customize your king crabs!


    Giant reptiles invaded their lands and drove the crabs underground. Centuries later, infused with the power of crystals, they are ready to exact their revenge! Raise the swarm and resurface with a vengeance. Grow your army of crabs, evolve them and drive the scaly beasts out of your homeland!

    • Evolve more than 80 beautifully designed crabs
    • Spawn 33 unique queens to lead your swarm
    • Unleash 6 powerful abilities and customize them with up to 18 different talents
    • Hunt over 50 uniquely dangerous reptiles
    • Ecdysis and be reborn with powerful mutations
    • Slay the Wildebeast and claim legendary rewards
    • Compete with others in challenging tournaments
    • Modify your genes and customize your crabs in the gene tree
    • Call upon the help of powerful allies such as the killer crab and golden ray

    The fight for your home has begun. Are you ready for WAR?

    - Minimum Device Specifications -
    • Android Kitkat 4.4
    • 1 GB RAM

    If you face any technical issues on your device, please contact us and we will try to address the issue as soon as possible.

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