Crazy Triple Zombies




    Crazy triple zombies is an awesome and coolest jumping and shooting game. Be the hero and jump over the zombies and earn as many points you can. Make sure the zombies do not hunt you and take over the area and kill everybody and trun them into crazy zombies.

    Crazy triple zombies is the latest outstanding and exciting games in the android google playstore. Try it out today and be the hero and safe the world from crazy and nasty zombies which will haunt you everywhere.

    Crazy triple zombies Exciting features:

    # Additive & challenges with endless FUN!
    # Challenging mission and achievements.
    # High definition 3D graphics powered by Game Maker.
    # Terrifying mutant Zombies will scare the pants off you!
    # Continuous gameplay and non stop exciting!
    # Simple but yet fun with a crazy feeling with one touch zombies jumping and shooting game.
    # Unlock different powerful items and boosters to help you get a HIGH SCORE!
    # Amazing graphics & characters
    # Very fast paced super heroes games to kill the zombies with great graphics.
    # Jump up the stupid room with levels make sure the zombies are killed.
    # Watch your move before you hit the amazing zombies or the super heroes will die in a painful death.
    # Open your sniper scope, take aim, and blast Zombies away from a safe distance.
    # One man, one shotgun and lots of stupid and tired zombies.
    # Easy to play, but challenge to master!
    # More amazing levels and super warriors coming soon...

    How to play crazy triple zombies:

    1. Tap and move the super heros and and you must killed the zombies and earn as many points along the way.
    2. Jump and shoot with the heroes and win the game with freedom as your trophy destination.
    3. Don't hit the zombies before you shoot it or you will be killed...
    4. Defeat Zombies and protect the only remaining human safe haven.
    5. You can tap super heroes sideways or front or up and down and make sure you jump at the correct angle to earn the points.

    Crazy triple zombies is a free game and we shall updated it from time to time to continue gives you exiting and long lasting games, please have a look out when we update for your pleasure in playing all our exciting games.

    Tips: Crazy triple zombies from the pirates will continuously earn points as TD bonus.

    Crazy triple zombies is an exiting game and can beplayed by all age. Adult, kids, brothers, sisters, father, mother, sibling, friends, girls and boys. Enjoy this game and share with your friends.

    Have fun! FREE TO JUMP!


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