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    Published: 2017-02-09, by .

    Adventure in a distant land, take on enemies, and power-up your creatures

    • Good-looking cartoony touch
    • Simple to pick-up and play
    • Decent soundtrack
    • Good for casual gamers
    • Requires a newer and powerful device
    • Requires a constant and consistent internet connection
    • Not very deep

    "Collect creatures and fight"


    Welcome to Creature Quest, where you’re given tiny monsters to take care of. Yet, you’ll soon find yourself using your monsters to battle different enemies including yetis and exploring the map to complete quests. Available for the iOS and Android, in battle, you’ll take on different waves of enemies, but keep an eye on your creatures’ health bar, because once it goes down, they’re gone. You’ll either tap or swipe on the bottom of the screen to use your attacks, fighting off waves of enemies. Outside of battle, you’ll explore the map and find items in this casual RPG.


    Creature Quest features good-looking cartoony graphics, large buttons, and simple to pick-up gameplay and a decent soundtrack, making this game good for those looking for a casual challenge.


    In order to actually play this game, you’ll need to sport a newer and powerful device as well as an internet connection, but don’t expect a lot of challenge or depth for those looking for a deep RPG experience, plus the game pushes you to pay for diamonds.

    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Feb 09, 2017


    Depth & Strategy meet RPG in this Gorgeous Adventure.

    You'll explore ever-changing Quest maps to build the ultimate Creature collection in the groundbreaking game from the creator of Heroes of Might & Magic.

    *Requires Android Version 4.1.2 or newer, 1 GB+ RAM, and an internet connection.


    • EXPLORE adventurous Quests and overcome obstacles to discover treasure
    • COLLECT and upgrade over 500 adventure seeking fantasy Creatures
    • BATTLES are strategic and addicting as you wield powerful abilities and magic in PvE
    • BUILD your own dungeon and earn great rewards by defeating your rivals in PvP
    • GUILDS provide unique PvP awards and let you chat with Guild mates
    • DAILY EVENTS include new Quests, Rewards, Challenges, and Creatures
    • GREAT for new or experienced RPG players; for minutes or for hours; for fun or competitively

    From legendary game designer Jon Van Caneghem, creator of the Heroes of Might & Magic Strategy & RPG series (the original “just 1 more turn” fantasy games), comes the latest in his long line of fun, innovative and critically acclaimed hits where CCG / Collectible RPG meets Strategy.

    Whether you are new to Strategy RPG's and fantasy CCG's or looking for more strategy & depth in Collectible RPG games, Creature Quest will satisfy your sense of adventure and have you hooked with addictive turn-based battles. Collect, Battle with magic abilities, and Upgrade Creatures ranging from fiery dragons and intimidating Creatures to cute dragons, fuzzy kitten mages, and lumberjack clad woodpeckers.

    You’ll start off with a team of 5 Creatures as you adventure and engage in turn-based RPG battles with hundreds of other Creatures to grow your collection and create stronger teams according to your strategy. Discover treasure, gems, and tokens to evolve your Creatures and to Summon the best new Creatures. Upgrade and Evolve your Creatures to unlock more powerful magic spells, mighty sword swings, and Creature abilities. Chat with Guild friends and earn unique PvP rewards from your Guild.

    The turn-based RPG battles are fast paced, fun, and strategic. You can simply swipe across the screen to battle quickly and easily, or you can optimize according to the depth of strategy in each battle. If you enjoy turn-based card battle games, you'll love this best new collectible RPG game.

    There are three modes to try as you explore new realms and discover rewards:
    1. QUESTS: Here you can explore new realms to discover treasure, as you encounter and battle a variety of dragons and other fantasy Creatures along the way, reminiscent of Heroes of Might & Magic.
    2. BATTLE TOWER: Progress up the levels of the Battle Tower for increasing difficulty and rewards while growing and enhancing your Creature collection.
    3. DUNGEON CHALLENGE: Build your own dungeon with your Creature collection and attack rival dungeons as you climb up the PvP leaderboards. Earn additional PvP rewards for your Guild ranking.

    With a unique battle combo system, you will find yourself strategically building and optimizing teams to win Battles, complete Quests, and dominate PvP. Creatures can use elemental combo dots as mana to power up their magic abilities, or they can give it to another creature on your team, resulting in an attack multiplier. Once you master the combo system, you’ll be the envy of all other Creature Questers!

    Download Creature Quest for free today and be a part of the best turn-based Collectible RPG Strategy CCG Game. Your Quest for Creatures is Paved with Adventure.

    Quest On!

    **Please note that while the Creature Quest game is a free download and is free to play, there are some real money purchases that you can make within the app.

    By downloading the Creature Quest game, you agree to the Privacy Policy and to the Terms of Service found on our website.

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