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    Published: 2017-10-05, by .

    Cube Lands is a building game with a survivor & creativity game that can be played forever

    • Endless possibilities
    • Always fun
    • Can be a bit confusing

    "Building Realms"


    Cube Lands is a fantastic game for creative minds that allows users to build and craft their own world with thousands of characters and enemies to befriend and fight against.

    The game is free forever and you can keep exploring your surroundings and going on adventures while trying to survive the dangers that are close to you. There are all kinds of creatures in Cube Lands and some are wild and hungry. Seek refuge, go mining and try to become rich by finding treasures while moving around the screen.

    There are two different games: Survivor & Creative mode. In the first, you need to avoid the attacks and find shelter, while in the later, you can let your imagination run free and play without any rules.


    This is a very creative and complete game that you can play as many times as you want, as the possibilities are endless and there are many ways you can enjoy this game.

    What's great about Cube Lands is that you can select different maps, something that isn't available in similar games and will be loved by players.


    If you haven't played any similar game before, Cube Lands is a bit confusing, since there is no tutorial and the menu can sometimes be blocked by ads. We'd love it if we could learn how to properly play by following an interactive tutorial, for example.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Oct 05, 2017


    Create your own world with blocks, go to adventures in lands of Dragon, Pirates and Vikings. Cube Lands Survivor Mode is just for you if you want to fight, craft and keep yourself safe from other villagers, sharks, dragons, zombies and all kinds of dangers in the realms. In Creative mode, craft your own world, mine the resources and get creative to create realms that have been never seen before in any craft game.

    Unlimited full mode and forever free play of crafting new worlds, exploring skull caves and Viking ships and so many new adventures. A mighty dragon flying over you (can cook you if she wants ), beware of the shark attacks along the Vikings and Pirates. Wild animals want to feast on you. And you must eat to survive, build a shelter, make fire and craft tools. Mining is a must and also fun. Maybe you can hit the jackpot and find a diamond mine or find a chest full of diamonds and cool stuff! And anytime you are done with action you can go creative anytime. Have fun with free unlimited sources even sky is no limit for you in this mode. You can create and craft your dream realm have anything you like, do anything you like, be a forgiving one, or a destroyer all up to you.

    1 Survivor mode
    • Dragons, Sharks, Vikings, Pirates, Zombies, Creepy Creatures, Villagers, Girls, Animals sooo many new characters and enemies you won’t get a dull unexciting second

    • In order to survive be quick you need shelter before night comes avoid the attacks and acquire food from animals and cook some bread or kill enemies to gain cakes for trophy.

    • Mining new materials coal, iron, diamond, gold you can craft into weapon and armor and cool stuff from mine.

    • Crafting: you access crafting from your inventory screen and it will guide you what you can build with the materials you have.

    • Mining is so much fun you can keep mining for hours and hours.

    • Chests, find them and all the hidden treasure is yours.

    2. Creative mode
    Mining free and forever if you like! You can still say I am a miner and like to earn the resources in the whole land.
    • Animals and non-attacking enemies for easy kill and enjoy the trophies.

    • Of course no hunger and no danger for you but this cannot stop you to enjoy the hunt.

    • Unlimited sources for you to get your creativity go crazy.

    • Impressive levels for you to explore and find hidden caves, treasure chests and so much more

    This game is FREE TO PLAY FOREVER… to help us improve the game and keep adding cool stuff please RATE US 5 STARS !... with your support you cannot imagine what is coming next

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