Curve Ball Live Wallpaper

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    A highly interactive kickable live wallpaper of 3D football stadium scene for mobile phones and tablets. A simple click kicks the football to curve with the designated strength and direction. And with overwhelming audience responses when goal. By design, this is battery saving.

    - beautiful 3D ball curve path
    - 2 kick modes:
    o shoot mode: simple click to aim and kick ( a kid can do it )
    o curve kick mode: requires very high skill*
    - select a photo, e.g. as team flag or audience shot, to show on the led screen
    - very responsive audiences on goal
    - input words on led screen on goal
    - 3D animation to change 5 kick positions
    - input banner words
    - save battery by design: animation only on kicking the football

    * refer youtube video and tips on setting screen