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    D&D Status Tracker helps players and DMs keep track of the changes in their characters transient atributes.

    An on-line manual is available at

    The primary attribute is, of course, the current Hit Point value, and D&D Status Tracker makes it easy to add and subtract values during combat. Almost as important during combat are any effects that may be applied to your character, and D&D Status Tracker allows you to track effects like "Stunned", "Prone", "Blinded", plus vulnerabilities and resistances to various damage types.

    For less urgent matters, it allows you to keep track of how much money you have (and how much your stash weighs), split by quantities of each coin, your current Experience Point total, and the quantities of over a dozen consumable items, which can be customised on a per character basis.

    The names of each coin type, along with the exchange rate between each coin value, and the weight of each coin type, are all configurable on a per character basis.

    D&D Status Tracker allows you to keep track of all of the above information for an almost unlimited number of characters. There is a summary screen that lists all the configured characters in alphabetical order (by charater name), with up to 20 charaters per page (depending on your screen size), and easy paging to the next group of 20.

    DMs may find this useful to pre-enter NPCs (using an encounter code as a name prefix) so that they are all available as soon as the encounter starts.

    Note: I would recommend at least a 5" screen, otherwise the text and controls are going to be hard to read.

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