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    Published: 2016-12-01, by .

    Disco Ducks brings friendly match 3 puzzle gameplay to your device

    • Familiar and accessible gameplay
    • Colorful, cartoony intuitive UI
    • Kid-friendly controls
    • Generic match-3 puzzle game

    "It’s disco time but with ducks"


    In Disco Ducks for the Android and iOS, you’ll travel to the world where it’s the 70s all over again, and even better, it’s filled with ducks. You’ll play as Duck Travolta, Ducky Parton, and Quackson Five as you tap to match up 3 or more similar colorful disco ducks. As with most match-3 gamers, if you match 4 or 5 of the same color, you’ll receive a special bonus gem, which you can then use to complete a level faster. Just make sure you collect all the crazy, disco-dancing ducks.


    Since Disco Ducks adheres very closely to the match-3 formula, newer players will find the game very easy to pick-up and get right into. The colorful graphics and UI look good, and the game is quite kid-friendly.


    When I first played Disco Ducks, I expected something more along the lines of fun dancing reflex game Disco Dave, but instead, I got a watered-down Candy Crush clone, with nothing truly new here.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Dec 01, 2016


    Lead Duck Travolta, Ducky Parton and Quackson Five through a world where ducks rule the dance floors and the 70's never ended! Use colorful combos, gather groovy powerups and build your Mojo to defeat wicked villains as you connect, dance and explore!

    • Easy, addictive puzzle gameplay! Match and connect colourful Disco Ducks to light up the dance floor!
    • Lots of crazy, dancing Disco Ducks with special skills to collect and master!
    • Singing ducklings will serenade you with new disco tunes every time you play!
    • Hundreds of addictive levels. And always another nestful in the making!
    • Stunningly beautiful, hand-crafted graphics and animations from A to Z!

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