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    Published: 2016-12-07, by .

    Kicking people out of their homes is hard and very creepy work

    • Scary, violent, and a creepy feel
    • Pixel graphics with dark and light color palettes
    • Over way too quickly
    • No replay value

    "Pocket pixel horror"


    Your name is Price. You’re very ambitious. One day, you have to kick out an old lady from her home. It’s simple to say it, but emotionally, it’s tough work. But, hey, at least you’re getting paid. Yet, what happens when you have to confront with what you’ve just done? In DISTRAINT, a creepy point-and-click horror game, you’ll use the on-screen buttons to navigate around different settings, trying to find your way out. Make sure you use the right items at just the right time, or it’s game over for you.


    DISTRAINT manages to keep your attention and bring true horror to mobile by keeping the sound creepily awesome, so use your headphones, along with a solid mix of dark and light color palettes with pixel graphics.


    What truly sets the game back is, as the developer states, the game is over just way too quickly, harming its replay value since there’s not much else to do

    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Dec 07, 2016


    DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror is a 2D psychological horror adventure game.

    DISTRAINT was originally developed for PC and released on Steam 2015.

    In DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror you step into the shoes of an ambitious young man named Price.

    In order to forge a partnership from a famous company, Price seizes a property of an elderly woman.
    In that very moment he finds out the price of his humanity.

    This is his story and the tale of his regrets...



    DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror is a horror story. It is dark and grim but also has its share of dark humor.

    The story progresses quickly which allows for several settings and scenarios.
    Your journey will last around two hours!

    The gameplay is simple but effective: You move left and right and solve puzzles to progress through the story.

    * Side scrolling 2D with unique, hand drawn graphics
    * Atmospheric music and sound design
    * Minimalist interface so your focus never wavers from the experience
    * Delve into a unique story full of intriguing twists
    * Refined controls - Super easy to play on mobile devices



    Right, so you're thinking if you would enjoy this little horror story? What makes DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror different than other horror games out there?
    That's a good question, I'd love to tell you more about the game and its atmosphere!

    This is not your typical modern horror game, jump scares and loud noises? Nope! Other horror games might rely solely on those but not DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror.
    DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror is a psychological horror game which means the horror comes from its oppressing atmosphere and story.

    DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror is pretty subtle on its horror, it's suitable for both hardcore horror fans and people that hasn't played too many horror games in the past.

    There are quite a few DISTRAINT (PC) reviews out there, check them out if you're still unsure whatever to buy this game!



    In order to make the Android port as playable as possible I needed to make some small changes to the game.

    In PC version you have a lantern, but porting this over to Android brought too many problems. I decided to leave the lantern out from the Android version and instead expand the environmental lighting. While doing so I also added more color which makes the Android port more pretty to look at.

    To have as smooth experience as possible I capped the Android version to 30 frames per second. However, DISTRAINT has a very little motion so this is barely even noticeable.

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    Suyash Jamidar

    by Suyash Jamidar

    Nov 16, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Super horror game with puzzles and a feel of detective cum recovery agent Good game in small packet

    Brandon Parrigan

    by Brandon Parrigan

    Nov 16, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    One of the best sidescrollers horror games I have ever played! I loved the style and the story! Sooooo gooooodd! Need more like this!

    James Wirya

    by James Wirya

    Nov 16, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Great gameplay

    arakawa yzackjoule

    by arakawa yzackjoule

    Nov 16, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    One of the best Role Playing Games I played on my phone.

    Tomas Perez Ortiz

    by Tomas Perez Ortiz

    Nov 15, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Beautiful, frightening and sometimes funny tale into the life of our portagonist Price. It tells an interesting story with beautiful 2D pixel graphics. The game has a fare share of scary moments, but, surprisingly enough, funny moments as well that made me laugh. A truly great free game. Please, support the developer of this game, he deserves much more attention.

    Jessica Lestariana

    by Jessica Lestariana

    Nov 15, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Perfect, I hope there's another season :))