Don't Maw the Paw




    Ever thought to yourself that you were born to be great? Then this is your chance to become what you have always dreamed of in Don’t Maw the Paw. With endless gameplay and easy gameplay mechanics, you are sure to be glued to your seat with this one. See how high you can score in this sensational upbeat game of Don’t Maw the Paw.

    Everything went as it always did for Kirk, average work, average breakfast and average life. When out of the blue, he fell from a tall building and realized he could fly. But just like every other superpower out there, you first need to master it. Ever since he was a kid, Kirk has always wanted to be a superhero, herald of justice, a defender of the weak, and a champion of the masses. But before he could start in his path to heroism, he still needs to do one thing: master the art of flying. So he made himself an obstacle course, things he would someday face towards his path to becoming the greatest hero ever known. But the path ahead is a hard one, riddled with pain, obstacles and hard work. Will Kirk be able to make history and become a superhero like he wanted or is he doomed to be a failure like the rest, check out more in Don’t Maw the Paw game.

    Don’t Maw the Paw is your classic jumping game wherein you have to jump back and forth whilst trying to avoid the ominous spikes set at the edge of every side. It takes both skill and focused concentration to make it past through 20-point mark. Tap anywhere on the screen to make the character jump. You can continuously tap on the screen to simultaneously make the character jump in the air but be wary since the topmost edge of the screen is filled with deadly spikes. Every time you reach the edge of the screen, you get a point. The entire premise of the game is to score as many points as you can before hitting into the deadly spikes. As you rake in more points, the difficulty of the game increases making that much more challenging. Show off your high scores with your friends in this interactive fun jumping game, Don’t Maw the Paw.

    • Two Playable Characters
    • Endless gameplay
    • Upbeat sensational background music
    • Easy gameplay mechanics

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