Don't Tap Step The White Tile




    ‘Don't Tap The White Tile’ is an addicting game that's fun putting your reflex, speed and accuracy through the ultimate test, in four challenging game modes. There’s only one rule to this game: DON'T STEP ON THE WHITE TILE!

    ‘Don't Tap The White Tile’ is based on the popular Japanese Tile Game with four game modes: Classic, Zen, Arcade and Rush which tests reflex using Black and White tiles like a piano: so dont tap on the white tile.

    Embark on a journey where your goal in this Puzzle game is to keep moving forward on the long path and don’t step, tap or touch the white tile! Just keep running, try to escape and avoid the white tile box & dont step, tap or stamp on the white tile. There is no grey area!

    The faster you tap the black tile, the quicker you move forward, so run! That seems real easy right? But it sure is a challenge to master!

    · With three lives per game you can go long and far beyond anyone else if you are careful enough to avoid and escape the white tiles!
    · An integrated Google Play Leaderboard, that lets you see where you stand when compared to your friends!
    · Know the number of steps you took with every new step that you take

    Classic mode:

    You need to tap or touch on 50 tiles to reach your destination. But remember: don’t step on the white tile because if you do, you lose a life. So, how fast can you cross 50 tiles?

    Arcade mode:

    Take your time and glide through a series of black and white tiles in this unlimited version of fun where you can test how far you can go! But again remember not to tap the white tile

    Zen mode:

    Tap on as many black boxes you find before the timer runs out: you have 60 seconds. How many tiles can you cross? And well, you know the rules: no white tiles.

    Rush mode:

    The floor moves from under your feet so step carefully and do not miss the black tile! If you miss a step you lose a life! Be quick because this level has a pace of its own and hey, it’s quite fast!

    This is a game that will get you addicting to its simplicity. Give your reflexes a real workout with this tile game and improve your hand-eye coordination. And don’t forget: Don’t Step On The White Tile!

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