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    Doodle Fire! Kids doodle glow draw with Doodle Fire!* Glow draw color fx with the ONLY realistic fire effects app! Kids doodle draw with colorful Glowing particle fx, rainbow, stars, and more than 14 real-time doodle magic effects glowing neon brush styles and drawing modes! Draw fire and bright colors effects on color canvas or on top of any of your pictures and save to doodle fire art gallery or share on facebook, instagram, whatsapp, email send to other apps :)
    If you like doodle toy, you'll love doodle fire! Doodle Family Fun for Everyone! (You can disable the kids mode audio sound effects!)

    Kid SAFE! No In-App Purchases! 100% FREE! Play with fire the safe way :) drawing with Doodle Fire!
    Try Mirror mode and all kinds of color shapes, hearts, and firework like neon like effects glowing brilliantly.

    Drawing on top of your pictures in your photo gallery is easy just click the first button on the second menu to load your image from gallery then draw and make a painting or work of art or just make something funny for some laughs and likes on instagram! You can even playback your drawing for the shapes. If you'd like a more traditional drawing style to create other type of styles you can try our other apps also such as doodle toy.

    Have fun drawing and sharing your creations! Post them on facebook, instragram, or simply email them.

    App features enough options and configurations to keep any adult busy and easy enough for kids of all ages to have fun drawing and doodle'ing with! Children love the sound effects but you can turn the audio off in the settings on the second row of buttons. You can configure the particle life time and also the size and even direction of the fire and other particle effects. Even choose the distance between the drawn shapes. The app renders in real time and uses native opengl for high performance. You can save a snapshot of the screen at any time, simply click on the floppy button to save a screenshot. Then when you click on the f facebook sharing button you can view your saved snapshots and choose to share them by facebook or email or any other app you have installed like instagram or whatsapp or doodle text or doodle wish!

    Have fun with all the intricate symmetry drawing modes. Simply trying out the various symmetrical drawing modes is a sure way to boost creativity and spark the talent within. Not just great for improving children's concentration and drawing skills but helpful for even grandparents to exercise their mind while having fun watching their grandchildren learn and use their mind! Teaching kids has never been easier, they love playing with doodle fire to create all kinds of colorful drawings they are very proud of :) And with the easy press of a button snapshot, they can easily save all their work and share!

    Although there is a colorpicker, the color picker is not used as much as the random alternating color drawing modes or the rainbow colors drawing mode which are toggled from the second button. The third button brings down a second row of buttons for undo, redo, playback and a pencil for drawing something showing the numbers of the drawing style and then playing it all at one time.

    We love to hear your feedback! More features are in the works based on our users' feedback :)
    Can't wait to see your creations as we get ready to host a doodle drawing contest where you can use any of our doodle draw paint apps to sketch new designs or modify existing photos. Happy Doodle 'ing!
    * Doodle Fire!

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