Drag Racing Boats




    Let the drag boat racing begin. How high of a rooster tail can you make? Find the right combination of speed boat components to create huge rooster tails.

    Jump into the cockpit of your speed boat and put together a winning drag racing season running your boat in eighth mile, quarter mile, and half mile formats.

    Tons of different customizations allow you to build a boat that looks great and screams across the water.

    Race you speed boat down the river to beat the competing speed boat

    Use a combination of gas and trim to keeps your drag boat ahead without destroying your ride.

    This is one of the most challenging boat games you will find. Build your team of drivers, boats and sponsors. Try this boat racing free download and experience the horsepower.

    - Build up your bank roll and your garage by putting together a winning racing team.
    - Use various driving techniques to find what works best.
    - Gather points to lock up sponsorships

    How to play
    - Warm up your engine to maximize power and minimize your drag racing ET numbers
    - Use your trim to control the angle of the drag boat in the water. This effects the bounciness of the drag boat on the surface of the water
    - Watch the tree and time your launch so that you cross the starting line right as the light turns green
    - Watch out for your stability and try to avoid getting airborne
    - Don't destroy your ride by using too much trim with too much power on a boat that is too light
    - Use different combinations of internal engine parts to find the best engine

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