Drift Cold Mania




    Come to the world of Drift Cold Mania racing championship from street outlaws to drift racing tracks.
    Earn cash and the respect of the top drivers as you drift and rally through the mania world of rally championship and get your own crew and 2 prepare to take on a series of level in LE mode.
    Drift with Mania on the championship game takes mobile racing 2 new heights with stunning graphics, new LE game modes, addictive online races and exciting ride or die missions.

    # Colorful and vivid speed graphics with magnificent racing cars having different ultimate profile in their hard rally tyres and include free spoiler. This is the ultimate game apps for 2014.
    # Innovative design of drifting cars.
    # Drift Cold Mania is a fun app to pass the time and earn championship points.
    # Drift Cold Mania contains stunning graphics in HD mode that looks real and will please the drift mania in your blood.
    # This app contains 3 games;
    1. Puzzle game : 12 different types of puzzle pictures in high res
    2. Memory game : Test your memory with 14 types of different high Res pictures.
    3. Block game : Test you brain to think with speed and racing it to action on your fingers in many ultimate free 150 levels.
    # Open-ended gameplay.
    # Challenge and help your friends!
    # Play the Drift Cold Mania on your android device, the drift hard rally cars will keep you entertained all day long.
    # Additional Bonus : Video links to Drifting races , Drifting queens and Funny Drifting video clips to keep you entertained for long time.
    # Application is totally free game for kids, boys, girls, their parents, adults, brothers, sisters, friends as it’s very exciting and challenging.
    # Join the expert in drift and be mania enough to with the championship together with 2 of your close friends in LE mode.

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