Level Up Button Gold (Premium)




    Atention: All the money that you get on game is not real money, is only to entertainment purposes (XAU and USD).

    Get all the possible XP peer app on Google Play (100.000xp) just pushing the button and buying items on game with virtual money!.

    Be the richest person on the game winning XAU (Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index) and exchanging them for USD!

    On future updates we going to add more features to the game!

    •Why I should donate $0.99 to DroidGames Studio?
    A: Because we need fundraising to buy the new Game Maker Studio 2 (the last 5 years we used GMS 1.4 Professional) to create better games and be more update more info about GMS2 here:

    •This game contains IAPs?
    A: Yes, they are totally optional and if you donate will get a big reward for that!

    •This game contains ads?
    A: Yes, but ads aren't annoying and you can get rewards watching ads, such as virtual currency!

    •Why the became free?
    A: Because I want more users to play my game. I worked hard and barely got 100 downloads in 5 months when the application was for $0.99, but now I have about 5 thousand users!

    Sharing the game helps a lot to!!

    Also If we surpass the goal we can give away some Gift Cards!

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