Duck Hunt




    The newest and best duck killer game for mobile devices is Duck Hunt, an exciting and fun game. Duck Hunt downloads quickly and easily, leaving you to get started on practicing your aim all the sooner. That way, it won't be long before you are the best shot of all your friends!

    The game is very simple to play, with a classic concept and goal. As the ducks fly past on the screen, it's your job as a master duck killer to shoot the duck and watch it drop. You can use the accelerometer installed on your device or you can go duck hunting by simply using your touchscreen device. Either way, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment as you hone your duck hunter skills and develop your killer instinct all at the same time.

    The faster that you shoot your targets and the more ducks that you take down, the higher your score will climb and the greater your ultimate glory will be. You'll be able to compare your high scores with those of your friends so you can finally determine who has the best aim without anyone having to actually go to the range and pick up a gun. Duck life is not easy when hunting season is coming.

    Duck Hunt features:
    * Graphics that are fun and easy on the eyes!
    * A classic concept that's a proven winner!
    * The innovation of either touchscreen or accelerometer technology!
    * Lots of action as the ducks zip past and you try to aim and shoot!
    * Even more intense play as you work to control your shooting time!

    If you've been harboring an avid duck hunter deep down inside you that longs to take aim but the real you couldn't hurt a fly, download Duck Hunt to your mobile phone or tablet in seconds and get started playing right away. You'll soon find that Duck Hunt is a fun, easy and friendly game that won't leave you feeling guilty. The best part is that you'll be able to sleep in and play the game at your convenience without having to wake up for a pre-dawn duck hunting trip into the woods. When it's all said and done, the one thing that you can be certain of is that this is one duck hunting experience that is bound to end in no harm, no fowl.

    If you miss a shoot, ducks will laugh. Don't miss any shot.

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