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    Published: 2014-08-27, by .

    Elegant circular thinking reflex puzzles backed by evolving electronic beats

    • Totally unique and utterly beautiful
    • Challenges you to think about movement in new ways
    • Teaches you step by step through trying
    • Your failures splatter the walls with color
    • Incredible soundtrack
    • None

    "Think circular"


    Duet has aged beautiful, like a fine wine or a stinky cheese (and I love, love, love stinky cheese). It's a totally free, engaging, addictive reflex puzzle, the likes of which I've never seen before nor since on mobile. You've got to think circular to rotate the pair of balls right and left to avoid the obstacles, a hopelessly simple proposition that plays out in ways that are surprising, delightful, and complex. A bumping evolving soundtrack rounds out the bargain, accented by a silky female robot voice that implores you not to give up. Stay focused. Stay calm. Play Duet.


    The soundtrack, the soundtrack! A weave of electronic beats lovingly accompanies you through all your paint splatter errors as you try, try again. Duet is spatially challenging in a way I've not seen in any other mobile game - I can't tell you how often I grin while playing it.


    Not for the impatient, nor for those lacking dexterity.

    Original review from Aug 27, 2014:

    The deceptively complex, mesmerizing, mysterious Duet has won about a zillion awards. Hundreds of thousands of people love it. I'm obsessed with it. You need it. It's free. Get it.

    The parameters couldn't be simpler: control two balls, one blue, one red. They relate to each other in an unchanging circle, which you can only rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. Smash into anything with either of them and you'll splat in vivid color, which beautifully accumulates around you errors as you try, try again. The game talks to you, teaches you as it goes. You're presented with bizarre new challenges one by one - I can't count the number of times I grinned at the absolute impossibility of a level as I went after it for the 30th time. Duet rewards you for staying calm, yet thinking nimbly and creatively.

    The soundtrack is also unbelievably good. The electronic beats evolve in the background (which pulsates with cool abstract black forms, by the way - no, don't get distracted! Stay focused!), perfectly straddling the line between stress and zen.

    Duet is challenging in a way rarely seeing in any kind of gaming, much less mobile. It's elegant and splendid. Highly recommended for absolutely everyone.

    Free to try with ads; an in-app purchase nets you an ad-free version (which seems more than reasonable if you love it).

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    Janel Appszoom logo

    by Janel , Appszoom

    Aug 27, 2014


    Enter a mesmerising trance of co-dependence in Duet. The rules are simple: control two vessels in sync, survive against all odds and keep calm.

    Selected for the PAX Prime, PAX East & PAX Australia Indie Showcases
    Mobile Game of the Year 2013 - Kotaku
    Best Games of 2013 - The New Yorker

    4.5/5 - Touch Arcade
    4.5/5 - 148 Apps
    4.5/5 - App Smile
    4/5 - App Spy

    "...few other games are as fun when you succeed." -- The New Yorker

    "It feels as designed as a raindrop, and just as perfect." -- Ben Kuchera, Polygon

    "Duet does what the best video games do." -- Kotaku

    "Highly Recommended." -- Penny Arcade Report

    "Duet looks hard as nails. And I love it." -- Touch Arcade

    "Duet is a must-have." -- 148 Apps

    "Shiel's soundtrack ... is as innovative as the game it scores." -- Jake Cleland, The Vine

    "Your eyes, ears, and thumbs were built to perform this Duet together." -- Indie Games

    "...Duet's plaintive and melancholic aesthetic imbues it with a sense of the profound." -- CVG

    "But while the aesthetic of Duet is familiar, the gameplay is all new." -- Pocket Gamer

    "It is fantastic." -- Tim Rogers

    "Instant love. Instant." -- Mark Serrels

    "It looks positively mind bending, and also, a really good time." -- App Spy

    Your survival is dependent on protecting two vessels - they are devices in sync, a dance and song between two entities tethered together in symbiosis. Feel edge of your seat terror where the world around you becomes quiet and numb as all that matters is the game living between your palms -- that is Duet.


    Experience eight chapters of deceptive narrative and nerve-twisting gameplay. Replay any stage to perfect your movements and unlock over 25 achievements. This is a game that will test you. Unlock the Survival mode, Daily Challenges and four additional chapters of bonus challenges.


    With air tight controls and gameplay that’s tuned to perfection Duet provides the perfect balance between challenge and pure gaming satisfaction. Touch either side of the screen to twist your vessels and avoid everything in your path. Remember: even that which begins simple can end complex.


    An outstanding handcrafted soundtrack by Melbourne composer and Gotye multi-instrumentalist Tim Shiel. Nine unique and mesmerizingly beautiful compositions ensure an immersive experience for you at every step of your journey.


    - Full Google Play Game Services sync support - sync your progress across all your devices.
    - Phones and Tablet support - play everywhere.
    - Compete with Google Play Game Services across the Survival mode and Daily Challenges leaderboards.


    Duet is free to download and play with some advertisements between gameplay. However, you may pay a once-off in-app purchase to unlock “Duet Premium”. This will remove all advertisements from the game, unlock Survival mode for endless score chasing delight, the Daily Challenges feature and four bonus challenge chapters. You will also help support more independent development of video games.


    Selected for the Indie Showcase at PAX Aus and a finalist in both Game Design and Audio for the Freeplay Festival. This is another award-winning title from the team behind Time Surfer & Bean’s Quest. We call Duet a “Hex-like” in honour of Terry Cavanagh’s contribution to the medium of games and exploration of genres.


    Tim Shiel is a composer/producer based in Melbourne. Tim is known to some as Faux Pas, the moniker under which he released a steady stream of constantly shifting electronic music for many years. He is also known for his work as a broadcaster at Melbourne independent radio station 3RRR FM, and for his recent role as multi-instrumentalist in Gotye's live band.


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