Dungeon Legends RPG

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    Dungeon Legends RPG is an adventure Role Playing Game referring to classic dungeon crawler titles, placed in a fantasy underground world. You are a hero returning from the war, that gets trapped in an old, abandoned ruins. Find your way through the labirynth of corridors full of monsters, puzzles, mysteries and lost items. Develop your character to defeat enemies. Search for weapons and equipment, learn new spells and find hidden passages.

    Main features:
    - many hours of gameplay,
    - high quality 3d graphics,
    - dark atmosphere supported by moody soundtrack,
    - 12 levels of labirynth and 3 different locations,
    - 14 types of monsters,
    - 64 kinds of items,

    - use fountains to save game state,
    - learn spells from spellbooks found in labirynth,
    - move during fight to avoid being hit by enemies,
    - check the walls to find secret doors,
    - torches have limited life span, if one extinguishes, use another,
    - make a good use from the items you find in dungeons,
    - use automap and compass to find your way through the maze,

    Minimum requirements:
    single core 1 GHz processor, RAM memory: 768 MB
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