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    Published: 2016-06-07, by .

    A true classic RPG game for fans of retro gameplay

    • For fans of retro RPG
    • Deep, long gameplay
    • Always something to do
    • Chaotic
    • Confusing, not for everyone

    "Out of the Kingdom"


    Dungeons Chaos is exactly what you might expect from a title like this. Fans of retro RPG games will enjoy all the ingredients included in here: you have a battle between good and evil, thrilling combats and all without paying anything or needing an Internet connection.

    When your citizens need to leave your kingdom because of an evil force, you don't know what'll happen. Your task in Dungeons of Chaos is advance through the different game tasks and explore the surroundings in order to let the storyline develop. You'll be playing six different characters that you can choose to create from scratch or not. As you might expect, this game also includes all sort of magic spells, weapons and skills to learn and equip.

    The locations are sometimes randomized and will be different every time you play. You can also enjoy the typical soundtrack and the thousands of combinations available to deploy.

    Dungeons of Chaos is a quest-driven app for fans of retro games that wish there were still games like old RPG adventures. However, this is a hard game for anyone else to try: it's confusing and chaotic and the interface could be a bit more polished.


    The game is obviously well-crafted and has a long and deep gameplay ahead. It's perfect if you've already played similar games and are a fan of the genre. There's a lot going on and we can guarantee you'll never be bored.


    Although there are long and detailed instructions within the app, we believe an interactive tutorial would be much more useful, especially since you don't need to know everything when you start, but progressively as you play through the game.

    The game is otherwise confusing and the graphics don't really help, given that there are a bit chaotic. Plus, the topics of conversation aren't quite clear and should be more specific when approaching the other characters.

    Dungeons of Chaos is a classic retro game that will appeal its fans but will be difficult for anyone else.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Jun 07, 2016


    Dungeons of Chaos is a retro-style 2D RPG that takes you on an epic journey with numerous spells, skills and tactical combat to employ in order to win the battle against evil. Huge locations to explore (both unique and randomised). Totally ad-free, IAP-free, no internet or phone status permissions required. >20000 sold so far for both major OS together, and 4.8 star rating and a very engaged fanbase on our facebook page, where I discuss frequent updates and additions.

    - retro-style RolePlayingGame (RPG) in the spirit of old classics
    - vast locations to explore in a top-down 2D tile-based view
    - many different character classes, spells and skills to employ. Guilds can give access to advanced classes
    - rewarding quests to fulfil
    - atmospheric music, and detailed lighting and line-of-sight visual mechanics
    - non-linear content and exploration: many locations exist outside the main storyline, with unique monsters and treasure and secrets
    - some locations are fully randomised and different each time you play (procedural content generation). Some are randomised and re-settable. And there are over 30 fixed locations supporting the main storyline.
    - many rare item properties make for over 5,000,000 combinations that let your armour, weapons and accessories take on powerful bonuses
    - defeat many different monsters with unique abilities and challenges. level up your characters and upgrade their abilities.
    - find important NPCs to expand your skill sets, find magic books to boost your spell knowledge and improve your equipment by trading your bounty with various shop owners
    - intricate fight mechanics: flanking or being flanked makes an encounter change from being easy to being dangerous, and vice versa; using the right boost/support/attack spells and skills will prove vital for survival
    - control a party of 6 characters, which you can generate using 9 starter classes and unique character features
    - try out different classes, experience different randomised locations, find different equipment, for great replay value
    - various difficulty levels. Higher difficulty yields better loot but also much tougher enemies and game mechanics

    DETAILED GAME MECHANICS, TACTICS and HINTS are on the blog:; and also on the facebook page:

    Watch a few gameplay videos here:

    Dungeons of Chaos is designed to work on as many devices as possible and back to at least Android 4.3, and we have not seen any issues on the devices we tested. If there are any, please report them to us. Please note though that we cannot guarantee it will work on all the 11,000 Android devices that the App store will make it available to. If your device has SMALLER screen size than 640x400, or RAM of 256MB or less, then the app may not perform in a way that is enjoyable. Please bear that in mind and follow the latest information on the SUPPORT blog: or on the facebook page above.

    For any problems or suggestions we would love to hear from you at: .

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